Spanish Fork/Santaquin Pipeline

Payson Spring Lake Reach


The project to install the pipeline and reconstruct the roadways for the Payson/Spring Lake segment is nearly complete and all roadways are open again for traffic in all directions. However, crews will still be in the area doing some final work over the next few weeks, and travel lanes may be shifted or redirected.

Please continue to be careful to observe traffic signs, cones, the workers, and equipment within the work zones


Traffic along the various roadways may experience

temporary closures and/or restricted access. Expect to encounter delays and single-lane traffic within the

work zone, as well as equipment noise and vibrations

(see map below for work zone limits).


For your own safety, and the safety of other drivers,

and the workers; please slow down and be careful

to observe traffic signs, cones, the workers, and equipment within the work zones.


Start Construction: July 5, 2020

Finish Construction: June 15, 2022

Work Days:  Monday - Friday

Work Hours: 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.



Payson Spring Lake Reach

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The Central Utah Water Conservancy District (CUWCD) together with VanCon, Inc. are installing the Payson Spring Lake Reach segment of the Spanish Fork/Santaquin Pipeline. This is a sixty-inch large diameter steel pipe that will be buried below portions of 700 South, Main Street, 1400

South, and State Street/S.R. 198 (see map below). Work

this summer, fall and winter will focus on relocating

existing utilities buried below the road to make room for

this new pipeline, and then installing it. Once the pipe is installed, a new asphalt surface will be placed along the affected roadways.

Start of Construction Letter to Landowners

Download Document Here

Dear Landowner:


The Central Utah Water Conservancy District is constructing a 60-inch water pipeline that will convey water from Strawberry Reservoir to the cities and towns of south Utah County.  This pipeline is known as the Spanish Fork Santaquin Pipeline of the Utah Lake Drainage Basin Water Delivery System, Central Utah Project Completion Act.  Water deliveries from the pipeline will be made to cities and towns for secondary system use.

A 4-mile segment of the pipeline known as the Payson Spring Lake Reach will extend from P-mountain ridge along 700 South to Main Street, along Main Street from 800 South to 1400 South, along 1400 South from Main Street to State Route 198, and along State Route 198 to 12800 South.  A map showing the pipeline alignment is attached to this letter.  The start of construction of this pipeline is expected to begin in mid-July with utility relocation and replacement work in advance of the larger pipeline.  The installation of the 60-inch diameter pipeline is expected to begin in mid-September.  Construction of the full 4-mile reach will extend into the spring of 2022.

As part of the construction and in coordination with Payson City, many of the city utilities will be replaced with new material and some utilities will be increased in size to match current day standards.  Most service laterals for sewer, water and pressure irrigation to the homes are planned to be replaced with new material and new meter cans installed. The contractor is planning to begin in July with replacement of sewer lines and laterals that must be relocated.  Due to the age of some of the city street area, it is planned to remove all street asphalt and subgrade on 700 South from 600 East to Main Street.  Main Street subgrade and asphalt will be fully removed and upgraded from 700 South to 1150 South Main Street.  Other street areas on 700 South, Main Street and 1400 South will be milled and overlaid at the end of construction for the full width of the street and re-striped.  Portions of 700 South will be widened with curb and sidewalk added in some areas.

The pressure irrigation lines of Strawberry Highline Canal Company within State Route 198 will be replaced with new lines.  The culinary water lines of Spring Lake Water Works Company in State Route 198 will be replaced with new larger pipe to upgrade to current standards.  The aging 4-inch steel City waterlines in the highway will be replaced with new 8-inch pipe.

The construction will maintain two lanes of traffic (one each direction with shifted lanes) on the State highway.  Pipeline and street reconstruction work within Payson City streets will require rolling closures of portions of streets with access maintained to local homes within the work zone.  All other traffic will be detoured.  Some reaches will have timing restrictions.  The construction of the 60-inch pipe in the reach of Main Street near the high school will be limited to the periods when school is not in session.  Main Street will be fully paved and open during Onion Days.  Installation of the 60-inch pipeline across the vacant block between 700 South and 800 South will have a completion deadline of December 15, 2020 so as not to interfere with Payson City’s planned construction of recreational facilities in this block.

The construction contract was bid and awarded to VanCon, Inc. based in Springville, Utah in April.  The construction contract requires the contractor to have a public information person available during construction to keep landowners informed and to answer construction questions and concerns.  VanCon, Inc. has hired Jacques & Associates to perform the public information duties. Issues about construction status, detour routes and access during construction should be directed to Jacques & Associates. They can be reached at (800) 278-4282 or paysonreach@gmail.com.  A construction website has been set up and will be maintained during construction www.paysonreach.com

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jacques & Associates.  If they cannot answer a question, they will direct the question to the appropriate person.


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Please contact the public information team with any questions or concerns.

Hotline: 1-800-278-4282

Email: paysonreach@gmail.com

We encourage you to sign up for the weekly updates so that you are aware of potential impacts. Just send an email to paysonreach@gmail.com and enter "Spring Lake Reach Updates" in the subject line. 



Project Map

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